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  • There were quite a few options for cleaning companies, but this service had the best rates. I had just moved to the area, but apparently, this cleaning company takes care of most of my neighbours' properties.

    Ella O.


  • Thorough office cleaning today by this company. Am impressed.



  • Although I'm pretty good at keeping the house clean and tidy, the rugs were never things that I really thought about. I ran the hoover over them every now and again, and I thought that was enough, but it really wasn't. I started to notice that dust would build up on the floors really quickly even though I had just cleaned and luckily I worked out that the rugs were to blame. I called Rug Cleaners Kingston for help and they provided me with an extensive rug cleaning service at a really great price. Now, my home is cleaner than ever!

    Fred Howes


  • If you've ever wondered about how to handle the upholstery cleaning when you're considering the option of just buying new furniture, there's only one company I'm 100% happy to recommend. Kingston Carpet Cleaning Company are always there for me, whether it's removing stains or smells. The cats manage to get on the cushions even when they're not allowed, so it's good to have that professional option there. They are my go to option when my upholstery needs cares and attention.

    Justin Nelson



Company name: Kingston Carpet Cleaners
Telephone: 020 3744 2151
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 2 High Street
Postal code: KT1 1EY
City: London
Latitude: 51.4088580 Longitude: -0.3066470
E-mail: office@kingstoncarpetcleaners.com
Description: We are able to deal with the most challenging cleaning tasks in Kingston, KT1. Book our awesome carpet cleaning services dialing 020 3744 2151.